Summers of New York

After Midnight

Symphony of Joy

Individual Recordings

January 17, 2010 -- Goodbye Blue Monday
Jonas, Dalius and Friends

December 20, 2009 -- Whitebox Gallery
Jonas, Dalius, Kenny, and Jonathon

November 6, 2009 -- Emily Harvey Foundation
Jonas and Now We Are Here

November 8, 2008 -- Jonas Mekas Visual Arts Center

January 3, 2008 -- Zebulon
The January 3rd Only Band

August 31, 2007 -- Willisau, Switzerland

December 7, 1995 -- Anthology Film Archives

When I grew up, in my little village, in Lithuania, we were always singing. So I continue it now in New York and Brooklyn. Mostly I sing with the band Now We Are Here at Zebulon. But we do it also in other music venues.

Between 1990 and 1995, a music group that became known as Free Music on Second Street held jam sessions in the basement and lobby of Anthology Film Archives, located on Second Avenue and Second Street of Manhattan. Under the direction of Dalius Naujo and Auguste Varkalis, hundreds of sessions took place with many different guest musicians. Recordings of these sessions are being presented here with little or no editing.

This site will present the past, present, and upcoming works of Dalius Naujo. Why am I embracing Dalius Naujo on my site? This is why: First, he is my dear friend. Second: Dalius Naujo is a genius percussionist who has lately moved into conducting and composing. He is not normal! He is totally pocessed by his art, nothing else matters to him! The muses of music have made him lose his mind, he is moving ahead unpredictably and dangerously, as all poets do.

And then there are -- and there will be -- other musicians and music groups that I have recorded or taped -- many of them -- and I will be putting them all on my site one by one as time goes...