Here are a few of my friends on the Web! I hope you'll take a look!


Re:Voir! Please visit this site! Re:Voir is the prime video and DVD outlet for classic and contemporary independent/avant-garde/alternative forms of cinema. It's OK to stream some of the works in shabby qualities from various sites that are popping up all over the internet (with no permission from film-makers), but if you really want to see them in GOOD quality, the only way to do so is to get GOOD copies (relatively inexpensive) from Re:Voir!

Anthology Film Archives

Opened in late 1970, Anthology Film Archives is the world's home, or as I usually say, Cathedral of the avant-garde, independent and classic cinema. Daily screenings take place in its two theaters. It maintains a large archival collection of films and videos and focuses on the avant-garde/independent/alternative forms of cinema, and has an extensive library of reference materials. Currently it's in the process of preparing an expansion of the current facility (architect: Raimund Abraham) to better accommodate the library and archives. It will also include a cafe. Sponsors: come to our help!!!

Film-makers' Cooperative

Established in 1962, Film-Makers' Cooperative is the primary distribution center for independently working film-makers. Over 942 film-makers presently distrubute their work through the Cooperative.

Canyon Cinema

Canyon Cinema is the West Coast sister organization doing the same on the West Coast that the New York Film-Makers' Cooperative is doing on the East Coast. Both are national and international in their services, and many of the same film-makers distribute their films through both coops.

Light Cone

Light Cone, located in Paris, is doing in Europe what the New York and Canyon Cinema cooperatives are doing in the USA. Although it includes many of the same film-makers, it differs from the USA coops in that it includes a wide selection of French and other European indepedent avant-garde film-makers.

Jonas Mekas Visual Arts Center

Established in 2007 in Vilnius, the JMVAC is a heroic attempt to provide a home for avant-garde film in Eastern Europe. Temporarily in a rented facility, it's in the process of fixing its own place in the old part of Vilnius where it will have a permanent screening room and space for its archives and library.

James Fuentes Gallery

Located on... St. James Sreet in lower Manhattan, it serves a variety of new and not so new artists, including myself.

agnès b.

an angel of the arts, a friend troubadour, poet of life, couture, cinema, vagabond of spirit, tireless, ageless and open to the music of the spheres--

galerie du jour is agnès' gallery... and my home in Paris. She is known for her enthusiasm for new artists, but it also includes established artists such as Boltanski. I had my last show there early summer of 2009.

Benn Northover

World Ambassador of the Gang! You'll bump into him in London, Rio, Paris, Luxemburg, Brooklyn, but you won't have a LINK to him -- because he is everywhere acting, starring, curating, taking pictures, filming.

Peter Sempel

Peter Sempel is my good film friend. We did two movies together, JONAS IN THE DESERT and JONAS BY THE OCEAN. He has also done movies on Kazuo Ohno, Nina Hagen, Lemme, and Flamenco. He has developed a very unique, his own Sempelian form of a real life movie musical and he is continuing filming non-stop.

Giuseppe Zevola

My good old friend Giuseppe Zevola of Napoli: scholar of Giordano Bruno and old doodles, artist, sailor, host extraordinaire, bon vivant, lover of life and wine and beautiful women.

Adolfas Mekas

My brother. You'll find out what he's up to!

Pola Chapelle

My brother's wife, Pola. Anaïs Nin said of her first album, "Eloquent face/ warm voice/ poetic interpretation." Attention all dancers: visit her site! Pola runs a terrific dance school, Pro Danza Italia, located on the Mediterranean shores of Tuscany.

Oona Mekas

My daughter, Oona, who is somewhere in Los Angeles, on her way to THERE!

Sebastian Mekas

My son, Sebastian. You'll see where he is and where he's heading to! towards THERE!

Andy Doro

Andy, who helped Sebastian and is still helping to design and make this site work -- a great guy Andy!


Lucien, corner of First Street and First Avenue in Manhattan, New York (just around the corner from Anthology), a great French bistro, my hangout, and hangout of Taylor Mead, and Michel Auder, and Lola, and -- OK, name any of the poets and artists -- young and old -- you'll see their pictures on the wall at Lucien, and of course there is always Lucien himself, the most perfect host of them all...


Zebulon, on Wythe Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, a great music place, run by two great guys Joce and Jef. Kenny Wollesen, Dalius Naujo, Jonathon Haffner... and many more of my friends... have given many memorable evenings here, and I sang with them, many times. Many great groups from all the continents appear here --

Brooklyn Rail

Brooklyn Rail, the most alive arts monthly in the USA is not to miss! The product and passion of Phong Bui, l'enfant terrible of Vietnam, the memory genius, the best joke-teller, he is here and there and everywhere at the same time. I have no idea when he sleeps but he is doing his job and still finds time to have a drink with me at Zebulon or Pete's Candy Store --